Mr Black | Boost Tiger

Roaring out over +20dB of powerful, clean tiger-boost, the Boost Tiger breathes life, vigor and super-tiger-powers into your tone.

Catalinbread | Naga Viper

The Naga Viper is carefully voiced to allow you to boost your "amp-in-the-box" pedals too to get those famous juicy, saturated sounds at "reasonable" volume levels!

Jordan | Bosstone

The Boss Tone’s tone ranged from a kitten’s purr to a snake’s hiss. Or it could be nasty and trebly. When you found the sweet spot, it had a rich voice in a day when most fuzz boxes prided themselves on being overwhelmingly grainy or downright harsh.

Emerson Custom | Em Drive

Transparent overdrive pedal, x3

Colorsound | One Knob Fuzz

One knob, many flavours.

Greg Fryer | Brian May Treble Booster Deluxe

This pedal provides 35dB of gain and is aimed at May’s mid-seventies Queen tone.

Cornish Buffer

Made with real fairy dust

ZVex Effects | Super Hard On

The ZVex Super Hard On is an ultratransparent boost that goes from unity gain to an over 8-volt peak, while adding a delightful high-end clarity with its 5 million-ohm input impedance.

Jordan | Vico Vibe

In the late 60's, Jordan offered an incredible sounding tremolo unit that was housed in the plug-in style box like the Bosstone. There were less than 100 of these rare units ever produced.

Mad Professor | Sweet Honey Overdrive

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (SHOD) is a super touch sensitive medium gain overdrive pedal. It is designed to overdrive distorted amplifiers and give dynamically controlled light overdrive on clean sounds.

Mad Professor | Snow White Autowah

The SNOW WHITE AUTOWAH circuit is based on a 1991 BJF rack mount remote wah circuit and was redesigned with envelope controls and built into small size pedal.

Gibson Faded SG

Gibson Faded SG upgraded with Tonerider pickups and a vintage style wiring harness

Peavey T-60

A repair and upgrade for a vintage (and very heavy) Peavey T-60 guitar

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new philosophy, and new potential.